3 Critical Questions About Influence Every Aspiring Leader Should Be Asking

If you’re looking for an invite to “the table,” make sure you know how to effectively balance what you know, who you know, and how you’re known.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

#1 What kind of resource am I?

This is the first critical question that you should be asking when analyzing your own influence. Essentially, your asking, “What do I bring to the table?” Understanding who you are as a resource can help you to determine the depth of your influence potential.

#2 What kind of relationship do I have with the people in the room that I desire to be in?

In the race for influence, competency competes with companionship. Chances are that you’ve seen this play out in different ways within your own organization.

#3 How am I known? What is the story others tell themselves about me?

Reputation is dual-faceted and can be considered both active and passive.

Communication Strategist | Former Hostage Negotiator | Helping leaders identify communication malfunctions that contribute to conflict | www.RyanMDunlap.com |

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